Perhaps you’ve decided that nothing is ever going to change. You’ve been told that you’ll never be anything. Don’t believe it! Change will come! The process may not be easy, but giving up will not get you anywhere! Pierced Ministries has a three-fold approach to help you become the person that you should be, that you were created by God to be, that you can be.

You will learn how to develop personal restoration skills, including educational opportunities and life-building skills. You will begin to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus. As you work through societal restoration, you will develop skills to help you become employable, learn about money management skills and explore career options. Your need to learn how to become a part of your family again. Through family restoration, we will work with your family members to bring wholeness and healing in those relationships.

Over a 9-month period, you will work towards leaving the destructive behaviors that have consumed you and developing new, healthy skills to become a strong man or woman of God–in your community, in your workplace and in your family.    You must request an application through email at or by calling (336) 307-3899.  The following items are entrance requirements to complete prior to admission.

Please CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF of our Entry Application.






Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services, Inc. is a residential discipleship program.  This is a Christ-focused program.    You should be aware that each step that you take will be designed to help you to develop a relationship with Jesus that will guide the rest of your life. During the initial 6 months, you will be involved in intensive discipleship.  To begin your journey, you will need to meet the following requirements:


  1. Fill out a residential application and submit it Pierced Ministries. You may email it to, fax it to 336-905-7136, or mail it to:  PMRS, P O Box 4669, High Point, NC  27263.


  1. Interviews are generally conducted on Mondays. If approved, you will not be allowed admission for at least 7 days.  Admissions take place on Mondays at 11:30 a.m.   Upon approval, you will be required to call in each day during normal business hours.  You will be given further information about how to make the calls.  Failure to make the daily calls will remove you from the approval list.


  1. Provide proof of negative HIV and TB tests. These tests must have been completed within the last 30 days.  If you have been a needle user, we must also have proof of a negative hepatitis test (also within the last 30 days).


  1. Provide proof of your most recent tetanus shot (cannot be more than 7 years old).


  1. If you are required to pay child support, you must have written documentation from child support authorities waiving the agreement while in Pierced Ministries.


  1. If you are currently taking any medications for mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, etc., we must have a written plan from your medical provider to have you off of the medications within 60 days of entrance into the program.


  1. If you have pre-existing medical conditions for which you are receiving ongoing medical treatment, please be advised that you must be physically able to complete manual work tasks. You may be required to provide documentation from your medical provider that clears you to do such work.


  1. For applicants who receive any type of regular benefits from social security, trust funds, retirement, etc.: You will not be allowed to have access to money while in Pierced Ministries.  You will need to set up a representative payee or authorized person to handle your financial matters.


  1. If you are on probation or parole, you will need to have it moved to High Point, NC.  You must provide authorization from your PO before admission.


  1. No resident is allowed to have a job for at least 9 months. You will be required to participate in Pierced Ministries work teams; however, you will receive no compensation for the work.  The purpose of the work is to help you develop work skills, work ethics, and gain team-building skills.


  1. Tobacco products are not allowed. However, you may use smoking cessation patches or gum to help you completely stop.  We do not allow e-cigarettes or vapes as a substitute.


  1. A valid government–issued photo ID and social security card is required for admission.


  1. We have a $700 admission fee that must be submitted upon approval into the program. There are no refunds once the fee has been paid.