Restoring hope begins with contacting us. Upon entrance into the program, a man will embark on an amazing journey that will take him into recovery, redirection and restoration. Recovery is not about stopping the abuse of drugs or alcohol. It’s about learning what has driven him to those destructive behaviors. He needs redirection. He needs to learn how to live rather than exist. His life needs to be restored. Relationships need to be restored. Hope needs to be restored.

True recovery only comes through God. During the first 26 weeks, he will learn how to work through Anger, Attitudes, Temptation, Successful Christian Living, Personal Relationships with Others, Conflict Resolution, Boundaries and other areas that will help him become the man he was created to be. In the next phase, he will learn how to develop a job resume, how to go on a job interview, how to manage money and other skills critical to having healthy life skills. If he does not have a high school diploma, he will begin the GED process within the first 30 days in the program. He will be given the opportunity to pursue college level classes. He will begin working towards a career. In addition, family members need to learn how to deal with a man who has struggled with addictions and has destroyed family relationships. Family restoration begins after the first month in the program.

Set in a family setting, Pierced Ministries wants to teach your family member how to become the man, father, son, brother, husband that he can be. Who he was is not who he can become!