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Spreading hope by loving the triad.

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What They're About

Love The Triad is all about serving and loving our community in tangible ways. They encourage organizations to partner together, promoting the name of Christ, instead of the organization they are a part of. They believe when hope is spread, needs are met, and community works together, the possibilities are endless! We love their mission!

How We Partner

Pierced Ministries is a proud partner of Love the Triad, because we have similar goals in mind! We promote this growing organization any chance we have, and we offer a helping hand when they ask. At times, Love the Triad might ask us if we have any guys who can come out and help do a specific task to help out in our local community. More often than not, Pierced Ministries has the man (or woman!) power to accomplish these tasks. We partner with Love the Triad, because we all want to help our community thrive!