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Here, we don't focus on the problem.

We focus on the only solution:

Jesus Christ.



Are you struggling with drug use?

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Graduate Testimonials

Danielle Johnson 5.jpg

"Pierced Ministries helped me to establish a relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus!  Without Him, I was so deeply lost.  Pierced Ministries gave me that relationship, and through that relationship, He has given me everything I've ever needed.  Everything I lost in addiction has been restored: the relationship with my beautiful daughter, the relationship with my sister, a good job, a car, etc.  The Lord has restored everything the enemy tried to use against me.  The enemy had me blinded for many, many years.  God took away my fears of loneliness and feelings of hopelessness.  I feel stronger than I ever have, even when I feel weak because He is my strength.  As if all of that is not enough, but the Lord also gave me a church family, through New Day Fellowship, that loves me for me.  I now have sisters and brothers in Christ and the church is growing daily.  I could never point out everything Pierced Ministries has done for me!  I believe that I will continue growing and seeing miracles take place on my behalf!  I am grateful for Pierced Ministries!"

-Danielle Johnson

"Pierced Ministries was a pivotal turning point in my life.  They provided me with the foundation to build upon.  They taught me how to live a godly, spirit-led, productive life.  My life is now something I would have never imaged living just a few years ago.  Through Pierced Ministries, I've learned how to love and see myself through the eyes of Jesus.  I have been made whole and because of Jesus' sacrifice, I am set free from the bondage of addiction.  With confidence I can say I no longer carry the weight of shame and guilt!  I chase after the things of God in every aspect of my life.  Through hard work and written assignments, they taught me how to set boundaries with others and cope with life's trials and tribulations.  It's because of Pierced Ministries I have the relationship with the Lord that I have today.  I continue to thrive everyday and seek the Lord's plans for my life.  I couldn't imagine my life any other way now.  I am so grateful for Pierced Ministries, all the staff, residents, volunteers, and Triad Church for loving me unconditionally.  It is a place that I will always call my forever home!"

Britnee Wedding Photo 2.jpg
Dereck and Amanda 5_edited.jpg

"Pierced Ministries have given me a true sense of family. They have shown compassion and the consistency of mentors and leaders who truly care, not only about my sobriety but about my continued spiritual growth. Through the discipleship of Pierced Ministries, I have been encouraged to seek out and express my spiritual gifts. I have been carefully groomed and cultivated to know The Father Heart of God. Not only to know about Him but also to know Him and seek Him in every circumstance in life. They have shown by their example to let the Holy Spirit guide and teach me. He gave me rest, assurance, and peace. Pierced Ministries have allowed me to know about Jesus Christ, His life, His teachings, and His example. I have failed many times because of my selfish pride but I have seen that the Resurrection is alive and that the Cross of Christ is there in pursuit of us despite us and more importantly because of us. It’s a picture of how far God will go for us because He loves us."

-Dereck Hood

"As I sit back and reflect on where I’ve been and the process it’s taken me to reach where I am now, most, if not all of the credit has to go to what God has given me through Pierced Ministries.  In 2018, all my dead end choices led me to a jail cell, but through God’s insane mercy and grace, this place of darkness became my rock bottom, and I had no where to turn but up. God really met me in this place and after 5 months in jail.  Through what many would consider a series of coincidences was actually, in fact, guidance from the Lord.  I was led to Pierced Ministries.  Ronnie and Alice Meindl met me with open arms. On a cold November night after being convicted of 2 felonies, I was given another chance. I was not only accepted to Pierced Ministries but was welcomed into a family.
Pierced Ministries gave me opportunity to be set apart from the rest of the world to allow God to deliver, heal, and resurrect me from the only life I ever knew how to live. He gave me a brand new life and I learned how to live it out at Pierced.  Being a resident at Pierced, I began to realize that my drug and alcohol abuse were only symptoms of a much deeper problem that I was struggling with. A problem that I couldn’t fix on my own but needed a team of supporters that would point me to the only solution, Jesus Christ.  I can say now, from experience, nothing easy is worthwhile and even though the Gospel is simple, living it out practically takes effort, perseverance, and trust in the Lord. My time at Pierced was not easy.  God showed me many areas of my life He needed to cultivate and correct. Using Pierced Ministries as His vessel, He taught me how to align my thoughts, emotions, and will to His Word.  As I wrestled with the Lord (and Pierced staff needless to say) I started to really understand what the Truth was and the reality that I was either living it or going against it.  As crazy as it sounded, in my old life, to hold up a ‘white flag’ of surrender, I learned that only through surrender would I experience new levels of freedom and breakthrough.  Pierced Ministries isn’t just a 9 month program but a place to start the fundamentals of living a life with Jesus. A safe haven that gives space for digging up roots of brokenness to restore the original design of who God created us to be.  Thank you Pierced Ministries for seeing me through my best days and my worst days. For using wisdom and discernment to provide structure so that I could clearly hear God’s voice and His purpose and Will for my life. Thank you for the community that I have now and for a place that I can call home. Not only in my life but in the lives of many residents before and after me.  I can see the saying holds true, ‘once a Pierced girl always a Pierced girl."

Abigail Mexico_edited.jpg

-Britnee Elms

-Abigail McGee

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