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Make a Kingdom-difference!


Pierced Ministries & Rehab Services, Inc. began their ministry in January 2008. The following year, graduation was held for the very first man who entered their program. A ministry was born! God moved the ministry to High Point, NC, through a series of miraculous events in 2011. 


By 2013, participation in the discipleship program was growing, and through the program, participating men started a lawn care service to serve others. A men's house was purchased in 2014, curriculum was re-written, and more souls accepted Christ as their Savior. A second residential men's house was bought in 2015, around the same time that a women's ministry was being cultivated. A residential women's house opened in 2016, with the hopes of reaching even more families in need. 

Today, there is one residential house in the High Point area for men, and two for women. A safe house for women will be opening in 2019, and the "after-care" program for the post-graduation transition period will be available soon! Numbers are growing in every aspect, and God is blessing the ministry exponentially. 

Join this mission; make a Kingdom-difference! 


The destruction caused by addictions is immense.  But it doesn’t have to be irreversible.   You are so much more.  And we know that you need help to find the life for which you were created.  


Pierced Ministries is a family.  The first step is reaching out.  Fill out an application here.   This is the beginning to becoming a part of our family.  When you enter the program, you start the journey to allowing God to radically transform your life.  Over a nine-month period, you will learn that you are passionately loved by the God who created you and died for you.  You will encounter Him is such incredible ways that you will begin to understand that you can trust Him in all areas of your life.  We use a discipleship process that is totally Biblically-based and Christ-centered to help you to find healing from the wounds that have led you to a life of addiction.  


This isn’t all about you.  Your family members are an important part of your past, your present, and your future.  We would like to work with them also to restore and build the relationships that you have in your family.   Since 2008, we have seen God restore and rebuild many families.  Yours can be the next one!


We have separate programs for men and women.  Each resident is  involved in a disciplined, structured lifestyle.  The distractions of life are removed so that each person can focus on his or her personal relationship with Jesus.  Daily life consists of classes, counseling, mentoring, and so much more.  Everything is designed to help you become the man or woman that God created you to be.  


Life does not have to be hopeless.  There is hope in Jesus!  Come and see how powerful the healing is that He has to offer you.

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There is hope in Jesus!

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